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War of the Werelords

Book 6

In this thrilling conclusion to the Wereworld saga, secrets are finally revealed, truths come to light, and alliances are tested. While the war between the Catlords and the Wolf embroils the Seven Realms in chaos, Drew must take his final stand against the man who has become Lyssias deadliest villain: his own best friend, the Boarlord Hector, whose powers of dark magick are raging out of control.

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October 8, 2013

Storm of Sharks

Book 5

The epic Wereworld saga continues as Drew Ferranwerewolf, leader of people, and the rightful king of Lyssiabattles the evil Catlords who seek to oppress the kingdom. As the wars scope widens, Drew and his allies take the fight to the high seas. But just as many terrors await them on the water as on land, with pirates and scoundrels abounding and a host of previously-unknown werelords emerging to take sides in the war that threatens to destroy the Seven Realms. Called Game of Thrones for the tween set, (School Library Journal), the Wereworld series hits a new high in this fifth book!

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Nest of Serpents

Book 4

The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war, and the battle lines have been drawn. While Drew and his ragtag army defend the throne against Ratlords and Crowlords, Gretchen and Whitley venture on a harrowing journey through the perilous Dyrewood. But none of the werelords counted on the return of the most terrifying monster of them all...

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Shadow of the Hawk


In a kingdom at war, the line between good and evil becomes blurred...

In this third book in the Wereworld saga, werewolf and rightful king of Lyssia Drew Ferran must battle his way off a bleak volcanic island where he's being held prisoner. With the help of a motley crew of enslaved Werelords, he escapes and embarks on an urgent quest to find the long-lost tribe of Hawklords in the distant reaches of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Drew's old friends find themselves on a dangerous high seas mission plagued by misfortune and the influence of dark magick that threatens to tempt even the purest heart.

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Rage of Lions

Book 2

After discovering he's the long-lost son of the murdered Wolf King and leading a revolt against the tyrant King Leopold the Lion, Drew Ferran must rule over a kingdom in disarray. But the former shepherd has mixed feelings about taking his place on the throne. In the wake of a vicious attack by Leopold's son, Prince Lucas, Drew seizes the opportunity to flee his obligations in pursuit of the renegade prince. Along the way, Drew and his allies face lawless Werelords, a sinister necromancer, and a nation of invading Catlords determined to wrest power from Drew's paws. Unless Drew faces up to his kingship, all of Lyssia will be lost.

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Rise of the Wolf

Book 1

It started the night the beast appeared...Drew is an ordinary shepherds son living on the cold Coast of Lyssia, until a horrifying creature bursts into his home and savagely murders his mother  and Drew transforms into a beast himself. Part boy, part wolf, and bristling with powers he cant control, Drew flees to the perilous Dyrewood to escape his vengeful father, who thinks Drew is the murderer. But when hes discovered and taken captive by Werelords, the shape-shifters who rule Lyssia, Drew is shocked to discover that hes one of them, and that his royal blood is a threat to the crown of King Leopold the Lion. Now Drew is Lyssias most-wanted man and its only hope against the evil plans of the tyrant king. For fans of the Rangers Apprentice books comes this swashbuckling new series about an unlikely hero and the animal lurking within us all.

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Superior to Eragon and pure fun.
-The Times (London)

Curtis Jobling

Curtis Photo

Curtis Jobling is the designer of the worldwide hit childrens television show Bob the Builder, and the author/illustrator of numerous childrens books. He lives with his family in Cheshire, England. Although he is perhaps best known for his work in TV and picture books, Curtiss other love has always been horror and fantasy for an older audience. Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf is his first novel.

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Drew Ferran

The hero of our story, Drew (along with his twin brother Trent) tends his familys sheep on their farm on the Cold Coast of Lyssia. Practical, thoughtful, and protective of his mother, Drew has lived a quiet life so far, but things are about to change for the young shepherd&


Gretchen of Hedgemoor

Lady Gretchen is a fiery Werefox betrothed to Prince Lucas, the son of King Leopold, the Werelion. As the heir to the throne of Hedgemoor, she believes that the title of Queen of Westland is rightfully hers.

Hector of Redmire

As King Leopolds Physician and Magister in training, Hector is a bookish young Boarlord who is happiest in his fathers library in Redmire. Like Drew, Hector has a twin brother who couldnt be more different from him. A few minutes older than Vincent, Hector stands to inherit the seat of Redmire when Baron Huth passes.


Whitley of Brackenholme

Hailing from the woodland city of Brackenholme, Whitley is a hapless apprentice scout who has a lot of growing up to do. In spite a privileged upbringing, Whitley is working as apprentice to Master Hogan, the chief scout to the Bearlord, Duke Bergan.

Master Hogan Chett

As the Chief scout of Brackenholme, Hogan spends most of his days in the wilds of Dyrewood working alone or alongside the Branches of the Woodland Watch. Since taking in Whitley, Hogan finds himself playing nursemaid to a dreamy-headed teenager instead of being aided by a helpful apprentice.


The Rat King

The five Wererat brothers that make up the title of the Rat King are the Kings Chancellor, Vanmorten; the Kings Inquisitor, Vankaskan; the War Marshall, Vorjavik; the High Priest, Vorhaas; and the youngest, Envoy Vex. Greedy, self-serving and opportunistic, the brothers constantly fight for dominance over one another.

King Leopold of Westland

A ruthless megalomaniac and a tyrannical ruler, Leopold is the Lord of Highcliff, King of Lyssia, and Defender of the Seven Realms. Hailing from the southern continent of Bast, Leopold the Lion overtook the throne from King Wergar after killing him. Now, hell do everything in his power to kill make sure none of Wergars children survive.


Duke Bergan of Brackenholme

As a survivor of the last Werewar, the bushy bearded Werebears allegiance to the old King, Wergar, came to an abrupt end when he persuaded the Wolf to surrender himself to Leopold. The Bears of Brackenholme have traditionally protected Dyrewood, but their power has diminished over the years. The future of the Woodland Realm now lies in the hands of Duke Bergans son, Lord Broghan.

Prince Lucas of Westland

As the only child of King Leopold and Queen Amelie, Prince Lucas has been groomed for kingship at an early age. The spitting image of his robust and athletic father, the young Lion and heir to the throne is used to getting whatever he wants whenever he wants.


King Wergar, the Dead King

Rumor has it that the dead king was betrayed by his own Werelords when Leopold invaded Westland fifteen years ago. As the sole survivor of the fire that killed Wergars family, Queen Amelie is now Leopolds queen. Wergars enemies feared him, but the people of Lyssia loved and respected him. The same cannot be said of King Leopold.

Count Vega of the Cluster Isles

The flamboyant and charming Prince of the White Sea, Vega is a Werelord without a domain. His Werelord brothers have never forgiven the Sharklord for his treachery during the Werewar. Aboard his ship, the Maelstrom, hes perhaps the single deadliest force on the White Sea.

Lyssia Map


The Redwine River cuts across the Seven Realms from east to west, running parallel with the Great West Road. Its source lies high in the vast and treacherous Barebone Mountains that straddle the eastern edge of the Dyrewood. It is used as a trading route by the people of the Dalelands and the Barebones, and winds its way through the countryside all the way to the White Sea. This provides Highcliff with rich pickings from the food, wine and precious ores that pass along the huge river.



This enormous road runs the breadth of Lyssia, from Highcliff through to Bana, the gateway to Omir. Traditionally guarded by the army of Westland, the road can be perilous, with the bandits of the Badlands striking travellers frequently. The combined militias of the Dalelands afford as much protection as they can muster, but its never enough. In addition, one can often find the Romari using the old roads  their roads  as their ancestors did before them. It connects with the two other ancient highways: the Dymling Road and Grimms Lane.



Connecting the Great West Road to Cape Gala in the far south, the Dymling Road runs through some of the most inhospitable wilderness in Lyssia: the Dyrewood. Overgrown by the ancient forest, the main peril a traveller might face would be the Wyldermen, a violent, cannibalistic tribe of woodmen who arent averse to the taste of human flesh. Standing against the Wyldermen are the proud and noble Romari travellers who live upon its ancient path, keeping it open when others would allow it to disappear. In addition, the road is patrolled by the Greencloaks of the Woodland Watch, soldiers and rangers from the city of Brackenholme.



North of the Great West Road is the unsettled region known as The Badlands. Though not strictly speaking a state, it is made up of a collection of shantytowns and settlements that are home to thieves, mercenaries and brigands. When motivated, these men make a formidable fighting force, the Skirmishers, under the command of the self-appointed Sheriff Muller, an ex-soldier of the Wolfguard whose small army is getting bolder with its raids into Westland and Sturmland.



The Garden of Lyssia: one of the smallest of the Seven Realms, the Dalelands comprises the noble territories of numerous Werelords, including the Boars of Redmire, the Foxes of Hedgemoor and the Badgers of Bray. Quiet and peaceful, the people of these lands have always enjoyed the protection of their bigger, more powerful neighbours, not least because of the agricultural wealth of the Dalelands. Situated as it is between the Great West Road and the Redwine, a great deal of the wealth that has passed along those trade routes has found a home in these prosperous states. Earl Huth, the Wereboar of Redmire, is the appointed spokesman of the Werelords of the Dalelands.



Redmire is the strongest of the therian states of the Dalelands, benefitting from the long tradition of the Boarlords providing the courts of Lyssia with Magisters. The elderly Earl Huth has two sons, the twins Hector and Vincent, and he also acts as guardian to Lady Gretchen, daughter of the late Earl Gaston of Hedgemoor. Previously the Magister to King Wergar, Huth is now retired from serious politics and is glad to be away from the backstabbing and plotting of the royal court of Highcliff.



Home to the Werefoxes, the current heir to the throne of Hedgemoor is the beautiful Lady Gretchen. Hedgemoor is the wealthiest of the states of the Dalelands, making Gretchens hand in marriage most sought after. Consequently, she is due to marry King Leopolds son, the Werelion Lucas, a union that will place a Werefox in Highcliff for the first time and (more importantly for the Lions) allow the King unhindered access to Hedgemoors riches.



The oldest settled country of Lyssia and, in more recent times the seat of power for the King of the Seven Realms. Westland has always profited from its geography at the top of the Cold Coast, controlling what is traded by its landlocked neighbours. In more prosperous times it provided the main force of the Lyssian navy, a force now much reduced since Leopold took the throne. The capital city Highcliff is home to the King and the heart of government. With the Seven Realms feeling the strain of the Kings constant taxes and military demands, Leopolds court is a smaller affair, consisting principally of the King and his advisors, the Wererats of Vermire, who pass laws with little or no opposition.



The oldest civilized city in Lyssia, Highcliff is the gateway into the Seven Realms, a centre for commerce, politics and opportunity. Built upon the steep rocks from which it took its name, the Keep of Highcliff sits separate to the city, a huge chasm in the cliffs allowing it to stand apart, reachable only by a mighty drawbridge. The city is split into four distinct areas: the Tall Quarter for the merchant classes, the Low Quarter for the working classes, the Harbour for the seafarers, and the High Houses, for the nobles.



Storm-battered and inhospitable, the Cold Coast faces the wrath of the White Sea daily. The towns of Tuckborough, Motley and All Hallows Bay are the regions main towns, the latter being a well-known mainland foothold for the pirates of the Cluster Isles. The people of the Cold Coast are a hardy bunch, predominantly farmers and peasant stock whose families have lived there for generations. There are few who would choose to settle down on the barren Cold Coast.



The ancient Dyrewood fills a large portion of the Seven Realms, and is a vast and (for the most part) untamed forest. At its heart are the gargantuan Five Trees, supposedly the mothers of all the plants and trees of Lyssia. Populated by various communities, the forests most hospitable citizens would be the Romari of the Dymling Road and the free people of Brackenholme. The Romari, an old and noble race, keep the old roads alive with an almost religious devotion, while the woodland city of Brackenholme is the home of the Bearlords, guardians of the vast forest. The main threat in the Dyrewood is attack by the various Wyldermen tribes who dwell there. Huge in number, theyre spread throughout the forest  and so long as they remain divided, the Woodland Watch of Brackenholme is able to keep them at bay. Other dangers include the lethal plants of the forest itself, such as wych ivy, corpseweed and the nightskull.



The City of the Bearlord lies in the heart of the Woodland Realm, deep within the Dyrewood. Surrounded by meadows, its imposing giant palisades provide protection against anyone foolish enough to attempt an assault. The Five Trees that stand inside the walls are gargantuan wonders of nature, the largest being the Great Oak, which houses Brackenholme Hall high within its branches. Although trade does make its way to the city via the Dymling Road, the principal purpose of the city is as a stronghold for the Bearlords military forces and as a sanctuary for the good people of the Dyrewood. Duke Bergan provides assistance to King Leopold whenever commanded, the alliance strained and tested constantly by the indulgent Werelion.



The most southern of the Seven Realms, the grassy plains of the Longridings are home to the Horselords, marshalled by Duke Lorimer in the port city of Cape Gala. Other Werelords reign over smaller states within, including Baron Ewan, the Ram of Haggard, and Duke Brand, the Bull of Calico. The vast ridings, like the Dyrewood, remain uncharted in their most remote areas, and those Horselords that are still nomadic seek to settle its wilder regions.



Situated on the southernmost peninsula of Lyssia between the mouth of the River Steppen and Sapphire Bay, the bustling sea port is the City of the Horselords. The granite citadel of High Stable, built from the rocks of the Barebone Mountains, is its most imposing structure, housing the court of the Longridings therianthropes. No Horselord is considered greater than the others, so, accordingly, the council chamber is a round room with no throne. Lorimer is aided principally by Cape Galas eldest statesman, his uncle, Viscount Colt, with younger nobles, such as Lord Conrad, jostling for position at court. The Horselords seek independence from the Seven Realms, though none dare challenge the King.



The City of the Ram is far removed from the hustle and bustle of its neighbour Cape Gala. Situated at the top of Sapphire Bay, its people are made of a hardier stock, more akin to those of the Cold Coast. Trading on farming and fishing, it has fallen on hard times  in years gone by it was considered as mighty as Cape Gala until the White Sea and harsh weather broke the port of Haggards Bay. Rocky and unforgiving, its a tough place to live. Baron Ewan, the Wereram, rules over the region. A great healer and one time ally of the old King Wergar, he took the throne from his predecessor, the disgraced Goatlord, Count Kesslar.



Duke Brand, the Bull of Calico, rules over the largest town of the Longridings. Though bigger than the cities of Haggard and Cape Gala, it has always suffered from an inferiority complex when compared to its neighbours, on account of the hot-headedness of its Werelord. Fearless and rejoicing in battle, Brands warrior class are the toughest people of the Longridings, traditionally providing the foot-soldiers for the Horselords to command in battle, but in recent years the Bull has closed his gates. Distrusting, Duke Brand is his own worst enemy and the strongest military ally a therian could have in the south of Lyssia.



To the east of the Dyrewood rises the imposing range of mountains known as the Barebones. Providing the spine to the continent of Lyssia, the Barebones are home to a number of Werelords, although true dominion over such a fractured and hostile land is quite impossible. Beyond the Barebones lies the desert state of Omir, with the mountains effectively separating these warring lands from the rest of the continent. In addition to Stormdale, home to the Staglords Duke Manfred and Earl Mikkel, the smaller cities of Riven and Windfell, at the top and the bottom of the Barebones, provide safety, security and commerce for the regions populace.



At the end of the Barebone Road, in the heart of the mighty mountains, sits the fortress city of Stormdale. The Lord of Stormdale, Duke Manfred, is the closest ally to Lord Bergan of Brackenholme. Despite having a strained relationship with his fellow Werelords in the Barebones, Manfred still manages for the most part to keep them on his side as he tries to ensure the region remains as safe and trouble-free as possible  the area is constantly under threat from the increasingly confident Wyldermen in the east Dyrewood, as well as the Omiri on the other side of the Barebones.



Situated at the source of the Redwine River, Highwater is proving a bone of contention between the Werelords of the Barebones as its resident therianthropes, Earl Mikkel, and Lord Rook from Riven bicker over the trade and tax rights of this important river port. The younger brother of Manfred, Mikkel, is the Barebones chief envoy in all matters beyond their borders, and a frequent visitor to Highcliff to parley with the King. Frustrated by Leopolds lack of empathy with those outside of Westland, he predicts trouble on the horizon for the whole of Lyssia. Lord Rook is the son of Count Croke, and is waiting for an opportunity to take full control of Highwater for the Crowlords.



City of the Crows, Riven is the hardiest and most inhospitable of the Barebones settlements as it is situated at the top of the mountain range. The oldest ruling Werelord of the Seven Realms, Count Croke governs the city state guardedly, not least because of the many precious ores and minerals in the mountains around him. Distrustful of his neighbour in Stormdale, he is busy stockpiling for the dark times ahead that only he can see coming. This includes taxing all traders heavily who export goods from his land, as well recruiting his own militia from beyond his citys gates.



The once mighty city of the Hawklords is a relative ghost town compared to other Lyssian cities. Many of the Hawklords deserted Windfell when the city was broken in the last great Werewar, suffering at the hands of Leopolds army when they refused to swear allegiance to the new king. One token Hawklord remains, the self-serving Baron Skeer, friend to the Werelion. While the occasional Falcon can be found in the courts of Lyssia, the whereabouts of the vanquished Hawklords is unknown.



Separated from the rest of the continent by the giant mountain range, Omir holds an uneasy alliance with its closest neighbours in the peaks. Azra, the capital, is known as the Jewel of Omir, and is the only permanent settlement within the great desert itself. Set on a plateau overlooking all points of the compass it is an almost impenetrable fortress, inviting attack from only the most foolhardy of forces. The land itself is barren for the most part, with the odd area providing oases and waterholes to the indigenous tribesmen. The city of Azra on the Silver River is famed for its size, splendour and wealth, having profited from the ores and gems of the Barebones down the years via this long passage of water that runs into the Sabre Sea. King Faisal, the Werejackal, reigns here, but he is under constant threat from others who would own the whole of Omir, including Lord Canan and his nomadic Doglords and Lady Hayfa, the Hyena of Ro-Shan.



Home to King Faisal, the Jackalord is the one significant Werelord of Lyssia who never swore allegiance to King Leopold. Refusing to bow to the Lion has led to the Jackal being removed from direct trade with his neighbours in the west, so instead he relies on the trade routes that the Sabre Sea offers him. A warring and violent people, the men of Azra are fiercely loyal to their King and take great pride in the defence of the Jewel of Omir.



Lady Hayfa, the Hyena of Omir, is a harsh ruler of the city port, ruling over her people with an iron fist. Trading heavily with the slave-traders who use her port, she would love nothing more than to see Faisal off his throne. This has led her into an alliance with Lord Canan and the Doglords as they seek to prise the King from Azra.



The people who inhabit this inhospitable, frozen northern realm are often referred to as a breed apart  life is harsh and unforgiving in Sturmland. Although the mountains, known as the Whitepeaks, have their own deposits of precious gems, minerals and metals, there is little else that might lead anyone here. Traditionally the King of Westland has kept a strong allegiance to the Lord of Icegarden, since the diamonds and jewels that are pulled from the Whitepeaks can replenish any war chest. The current ruler of the realm is Duke Henrik, the White Bear.



The imposing city of Icegarden is built deep into the mighty mountain of Strakenberg, the caverns and mines that run back deep into the mountain a source for the Sturmlanders wealth, which they guard jealously. It is deep within the Strakenberg that the legendary Sturmish steel is forged and fashioned into the greatest weapons of Lyssia. Duke Henrik, like his southern cousin Bergan, was an ally of the old King Wergar, the Wolf, and while Bergan has managed to work with King Leopold, Henrik has found it more difficult. Still paying his taxes to the King, the White Bear would like nothing more than to see the Union of the Seven Realms dissolved and Sturmland regain its independence. Stubborn, single-minded and aggressive to outlanders, Henrik has little need to deal with those in the south. The bandits of the Badlands give him constant heartache, raiding his lands frequently, and he suspects the Wererats of Vermire have their claws in this as well.



Positioned at the northeastern tip of Sturmland, this was once the fabled city of the Winter Wolves, cousins to the Grey Wolves of the Dyrewood. The Lions ascent to the throne fifteen years ago was an end to the line of the Wolves of the Dyrewood, while the White Wolves of the North were chased from their home. Shadowhaven now acts as a garrison town for the Lionguard of Westland, and a foothold in Sturmland for King Leopold, governed over by the Weaselord, Zigler. The whereabouts of the Winter Wolves is unknown.



To the far northwest of Lyssia lie the frozen wastes of Tuskun, home to Lady Slotha. Distrustful of all her neighbours, including Lord Henrik, she deals only with those traders who will brave the frozen edges of the White Sea, having little to do with landcrawlers. Her people are a hardy lot, a slightly more civilized version of the Wyldermen, with a temper equal to their Mistresss.



The Citadel of the Rat King perches atop the black cliffs of Vermire, home to a collection of thieves, cut-throats and pirates. Though a relatively small principality, its reach is long since the Wererats work for King Leopold as his eyes and ears in far-flung courts. Allied to Westland via the Lion, the city is reachable only by sea or via the ancient road known as Grimms Lane, which cuts through the Badlands as it heads north. Rat King is the collective name of the five Wererat brothers who jointly rule Vermire with cruel fists. Each is equally corrupt and loathsome.



An archipelago of islands off the Cold Coast in the White Sea, the Cluster Isles are considered a lawless state. The self-proclaimed leader of the pirate islands, Count Vega, has been exiled by King Leopold. The tyrannical Weresquid Ghul, known simply as the Kraken by the sailors of the White Sea, rules in his place, carrying out Leopolds bidding and taxing pirates and privateers heavily in his name. With a fleet of twenty ships at his command, allying himself to King Leopold has given Ghul all he needs and more  the only thing missing for the Kraken is the head of Count Vega on the wall of his cabin.



The land that King Leopold originally hails from, few Lyssians have visited Bast, let alone returned from the jungle continent. Vast and exotic, it feels like a world away from the Seven Realms. The often violent, treacherous and unpredictable waters of the Lyssian Straits prevent any real trade between the continents, regardless of the relatively short distance that separates the two land masses . . .


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